Crystal Healing For Animals

Crystals and gemstones are magical ‘gifts from the earth’ that can promote incredible healing for our animal companions and all of life. It is almost hard to believe that they are formed in the earth and continue to grown and transform there until harvested. Healing our animals with crystals is a gentle, non invasive way to shift their energy, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Crystals have been used in healing as far back as 25,000 BC and were known to be used by Egyptians (as evidenced in the pyramids), Tibetans, Native Americans, Aborigines, and especially by the inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis. You might be wondering what it is about crystals that could possibly help in healing your animal companions, and I wondered the same thing prior to being introduced to them in workshops and healing many years ago.

To understand how they work, it is important to understand that living beings are made up of energy and possess electromagnetic fields. All crystals, gemstones and minerals resonate at specific vibrational frequencies and amplitudes that in turn, attract the energies of particular qualities and traits to a being and thus mix with that being’s energy.Crystals are powerful amplifiers and transmitters of energy. It is worthwhile to note that they are the most stable and unified structure of all matter in the universe. Each variety of crystal has a number of uses in healing, and quite often, a number of different crystals may be used to heal a specific condition. This comes in handy as it allows one to keep a small number of crystals on hand that can function as healers in a vast number of situations.As an animal communicator and healer, I feel it is an absolute necessity to have these wonderful healing tools on hand at all times. Here is a very small list of specific conditions that may benefit from the use of crystals:- abused or abandoned animals – rose quartz
- breaking compulsive patterns – malachite (this stone is toxic)
- cancer – selenite
- kidney and bladder issues – amber
- separation anxiety – amethyst
- stress – smoky quartzCrystals can also be used to heal imbalances in the chakras. The best way to use crystal with animals is by placing them somewhere in their energy field keeping safety as the top priority. Many people affix pendants onto collars and halters, zip them into bedding or simply massage their animal with them. Crystals can be programmed for specific uses, and developed into elixirs.

If you’re looking for a way to gently support your animal companions for improved health, happiness and emotional well being, then crystals just might be the answer. If you would like to learn more visit: healing is not a substitute for good veterinary care.